Our beloved Wine Country has endured an unimaginable tragedy and we are grieving for those who have lost lives, homes, and businesses. As our brave firefighters continue to bring these wildfires to heel, stories of hope, generosity, and heroism will appear.

While the fires impacted a portion of Sonoma County, our scenic beauty, rolling vineyards, amazing wine, and locally grown food remains intact. Many local workers have lost their homes or are displaced from their communities, but we are extremely fortunate that Geyserville’s businesses remain unscathed and workers have a place of business to return to where we can focus on the efforts of rebuilding and moving forward.

As we strive to take care of our community and our neighbors in surrounding communities, we are asking for your help to support Sonoma County wineries, breweries, cheese makers, farmers, and local artisans. Purchases of items that were bottled in, made in, grown in, brewed in or otherwise came from Sonoma County help local families recover economically.

Geyserville, CA, is about an hour and a half north of the Golden Gate bridge, in beautiful Sonoma County. We boast some of the most magnificent vineyards and talented winemakers in the world. Visitors come to Geyserville from around the world to experience the finest in food and wine, as well as our gorgeous and romantic countryside, that rivals even the most exotic of European destinations. The Geyserville Chamber of Commerce represents the pinnacle of wine country business.  Talented artists, artisans and long running, family-owned commerce defines us. We offer an exciting and rich economic community for individuals and small business as well as medium and large companies. Come visit us.  Join us at the Geyserville Chamber of Commerce and experience small town charm in a world class destination. Geyserville, the Wine Capital of Sonoma County.

Thank you to all our Corporate Sponsors


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